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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A Year in the South

Locals spot in North Devon
Matt, Top drop of the Morriston
A year has passed since my adventures to the mighty Mekong. After my stint of paddling work and adventures in USA, Japan, Nepal and Laos I decided last year I wanted to stay in the UK for a summer and attempt to bulk up my bank balance again. I was rehired for a instructor position again in North Devon in February 2016 and with great delight I started the job on a part-time contract hoping the rains would come and I would be able to make easy trips to classics like the East Lynn and the Dart.  They didn't come and I spent most of the spring and summer in a surf boat which is awesome but I was pretty lonely most sessions.
 I did manage to get one weekend quality paddling in up at Wet West in September. I got to the Dart once in 2016 when my contract has ended. At the moment I'm very confused as to where I want to be and what I want to do. I do know I still want to be in and out of boats and I hope I can update this again with a quality post before 2018.