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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Freestyle Stoke

For the past month its been raining pretty regularly in the Lake District making river levels fluctuate heavily and sit solidly on the medium - high level this is especially so for the river Leven. This has lead to our favourite play spot, Brick Chutes, to be in perfect condition for using for surfing progression. Pete K, Thomas H, Mike D and I have been making regular trips to the location to get our fix of whitewater in between our jobs.
Over the past few weeks my muscle memory for my roll has really shon through allowing me to recover quickly from when going over. Having this confidence has really allowed me to throw my boat around and use it more how it should be used. So much so that at I am now quite capable of pulling off flatspins in both directions which grants such a good feeling and would actually score points in a freestyle competition! I've been able to pull off this trick not only at Brick Chutes but also out in the sea at Silecroft, getting multiple spins down on single rides, much to my surprise.

Hopefully next week I'll be doing this...

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